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Portraits with Comedian Henry Cho


The first time I heard Henry Cho I was driving to a photoshoot in Nashville listening to Pandora. I became a fan instantly of his humor about living in the south. So a… Continue reading

Walking Dead Halloween Shoot


I hate zombies. They creep me out and they are gross. For that reason I never watched AMC’s The Walking Dead until a few weeks ago. I was working at my desk sending out… Continue reading

Alabama Business Magazine


Had the opportunity to shoot for Business Alabama Magazine a few weeks back. They asked me to photograph the mayor of Dothan, Mayor Mike Schmitz. It was great getting to work with Marie and… Continue reading

Facing My Fear


I have an almost irrational fear of water. I don’t like to be in water if it is deeper than waist deep and I am almost petrified if I am over water looking… Continue reading

Film Noir


The danger of giving geeks like myself access to streaming media like Netflix is we spend way too much time watching science fiction, horror, and cartoons. However the result is we feed our… Continue reading

Photographing Imagination


The idea came to me when I was having lunch with my son one day at a local restaurant. There was a young boy running and playing between the tables. He had taken… Continue reading

Bam!! Wham!! Pow!! Cosplay!!


When I was growing up, being a geek was never easy. The fact that I would rather draw pictures than play sports or read a comic book rather than watch football on TV… Continue reading

The Drive to Create


The first time I ever created a piece of art it was copying a picture from the cover of a Tarzan comic book. I was a pre-teen and wanted to trace it but… Continue reading

Editorial in Florida Trend Magazine


I love the movie Forrest Gump, I have probably watched it a dozen times but rarely from beginning to end. I usually seem to just pick it up somewhere in the middle and finish… Continue reading

Sometimes Simple is Good


I enjoy complicated set-ups that require planning and work to create a image, but then there are times that i just want something simple. Such was the case a when I had the… Continue reading

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