Finding Creative Inspiration In a New Year

When 2016 started I was very excited about the new prospects both creative and business, but here we are in February and it is like I’ve hit a brick wall. I’ve done some shoots but really don’t like anything I’ve shot.  Almost every single personal shoot I’ve set up has fallen through and I am totally blank on what I want to shoot this year. I know I love portraits and want to focus on portraits but I just haven’t been excited or even motivated to shoot anything. Every day I take a camera and head out of the house and every day I come back without any pictures.

To attempt to break out of this I started going out and photographing things that I don’t normally shoot. For example one night I drove around and took pictures of the town I live in after dark. Then on two different mornings fog had settled in and I ran out to grab pictures; once of a statue in a local cemetery and the other morning just some random areas around town. I even drove two hours north of my home and hiked through the rain to take some pictures of some abandoned dilapidated cars. Anything to try and shake off the rut feeling that I have.

Everyone gets in ruts at times but this one has been longer than normal and seems to be no end in sight. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to have to really stretch myself creatively if I’m going to break out it. I have some ideas but at this point I don’t even know where to start, I just know that this year cannot be a year where I don’t push myself. This year has to be the year I break all my expectations and accomplish some long term goals.