Old World Artist Frederic Lecut


For the last year or so I’ve been working on photographing strangers. It started with photographing motorcycle riders with their bikes, then it expanded into photographing cosplayers and street portraits. Recently I posted on social media my desire to work with artist who own workshops. I was referred to Frederic Lecut, a mosaic artist in a small community north of me. I contacted Frederick through his website and asked if I could come and take his portrait.



When I arrived at Frederic’s home he brought me around back to his workshop. As we were walking back towards the workshop behind his house he mentioned one of the buildings was a dojo. I told him we had to take some pictures there, so before we went into the workshop we set lights up in the dojo to take portraits of him with his sword. Off on the right of the dojo was a small kitchen with a pane glass window in the door. I placed a light with a standard reflector on the other side of the door aiming at the floor. I placed another light with a small octabox behind Frederic to act as a rim light. I asked him to go through the motions of how he used the sword I then selected moments that I thought would create the best image. Then as he would reach that point I would fire the shutter.

Out in the workshop I set up lights in a split pattern again with one light in the far back and one in a octabox facing his work area. Frederic works with his hands using simple tools. He’s most well known work is his eyes collection. His work has been featured in art journals and gallery showings. He has gained attention for the fact that he uses techniques that have been used for past 2500 years. Each stone or piece of glass or stone is cut by hand and placed in the artwork one piece at a time. It is a slow and painstaking process that takes many hours to complete one piece of art.