Army Aviation Center for Business Alabama Magazine


Its great to get an assignment it is even better when they call you back. While I was in Nashville a few weeks back I got an email from Nedra at Business Alabama Magazine about doing another shoot for them. This time it was an article on technology and credit unions and I was to photograph Bobby Michael, the president & CEO of Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union and Thomas Struan, the senior vice president of information services.



As with most briefs it was well brief in what the editor wanted. It was simply photograph the subjects and show something with technology. I reached out to my contact at the corporate headquarters for Army Aviation and set up my appointment for early morning just after the offices opened. When possible I like to work with executives early in the day. This is to get with them while they are fresh and I don’t interrupt them in the middle of the day.

I met with the contact and my subjects Bobby and Thomas and discussed options. The first thing I wanted was to shoot in their server room. I knew this would be the best place to give the technology feel the magazine had asked for. Server rooms are secure areas but since I had the president and vice president with me I was fairly certain I could get access. This is a very small room with lots of strong airflow to keep the computers cool so I ran into some minor problems. The biggest problem was not letting the lights blow over and hit one of the servers, “Ooops, sorry about your account the photographer crashed the system” is not words you want spoken. I opted to shoot wide and add a color gelled light to the background to give more of a sci-fi feel. During this time I am pretty much talking non-stop. I ask a lot of questions of the people I am photographing people trying to get a feel for their personality and also to get them to relax for me in front of the camera.


Thomas had been with the credit union for years but Bobby was new to the company just recently having taking the position of president. Both were super cooperative with getting their pictures made but my goal is always to get what is needed and get out as quick as possible. They have work to do and don’t need a photographer causing more of a distraction than necessary. However since they were having fun I went with it and decided to get as many different images as possible The image of them tangled in wires was actually’s Bobby’s idea. You know  you are going to have a good day when the subjects throw out good ideas.



As usual I didn’t know what the magazine was going to use or how much space the article was going to take so I shot individual portraits as well as them in pairs. I would much rather send an photo editor way more than they need than not enough. This was also my first assignment using the new Fuji camera. I shot some with the Fuji and some with my Canon (just in case since I was still very new to the Fuji system). I am loving the Fuji but I will have to write about that later. In the end the magazine only used one photo (not uncommon) but I got some great shots that will go in my portfolio so all in all a good day.