Creating Webisode Promos

Promo_07wLast  year I had the chance to meet the guys over at Ebed Pictures. They are a local group of picture producers that has produced one feature length film, has another in production, and is working on a third. They recently helped me on a personal project, Van Helsing (more on that later). Last week they contacted me about helping them produce some promotional images for a new webisode scifi series called Darke. The series is one where viewers get to vote on the outcome of the story in which an alien invasion is taking place.

Promo_02w Promo_01w

Joshua at Ebed told me they wanted individual character images and a group shot that gave an overall feel for the story. Rather than trying to shoot on location we shot the images against a solid background in a studio setup. The original plan was to place each character on an unique background that would be shot later. After discussing the overall goal of the images we decided it would be better to create a more abstract background that gave an overall feel of the series and provided a unified look to the images. Taken some pictures from my archive and blurring them I was able to create a background that gave obscure scene of old and ruined buildings. Then I added minor details such as fog/smoke, digital lines, and noise along with color tinting and desaturating the images for the final look.

Promo_05w Promo_04w Promo_03w

With a background designed all that was required was the placement of the characters and color matching them to the scene. A few of the images required “special effects” that had to be added to the scene. To accomplish this I created the effect in a separate document then copied it into the image. Darke was a short but fun project and I am looking forward to more projects with the guys from Ebed in the future.