2013 Photo Fav’s

This year has had it challenges and blessings. More than that it has had some of my favorite photo sessions ever. These are just a few of my favorite images from those sessions, hope you enjoy them.

Action Hero Series

The Action Hero series was a set of ten images featuring a “action hero” in different scenarios. Safari Hero was my absolute favorite from the series it came together perfectly. I also was very happy with the Jungle Hero. Though a lot of people didn’t like me putting a wig on Stephen, it is a awesome thing when a photograph turns out exactly as you envisioned it.

ActionHero_006w ActionHero_001Aw

Bad Guys

I am a self proclaimed and proud geek. I grew up reading comics and I was a Batman fan before being a Batman fan was cool. So it was a no brainer to put together a series of pictures that feature some of my favorite villains from the Batman comics.
BadGuys_Promo01w BadGuys_016w BadGuys_002w

Water Fascination 

There is no way to look back at 2013 without looking at my obsession with water this past year. It’s ironic that I felt so compelled to shoot in water when you consider I have always had a fear of it. Despite that I couldn’t stay out of the water this last year from having my models stand under strong and freezing waterfalls to asking them to lay down in very cold creek beds, 2013 was a wet year.


The Reenactors 

Not everyone I photograph is a slim beautiful model, some are just more interesting. In fact I more often than not would rather work with people with interesting faces and stories than models. This year I had some great opportunities to meet and photograph some of the most fascinating people. From Civil War reenactors who travel across the southeast dressing in authentic wardrobes to a cowboy sharpshooter who does old west gun shows shooting poker chips out of his partner’s mouth with a rifle aimed through a mirror. 

Halloween Series

I love Halloween. I love ghost stories. So this past Halloween I took a series of photos to capture the look and feel of Halloween. I also convinced author Becky McGraw to write a short story to accompany the pictures. Each series of pictures was released with part of the story every day the week leading up to Halloween. It was a tremendous amount of fun and something I hope to expand on in 2014.



I did a lot of experiments this last year. Trying new techniques, experimenting with style and themes. I played with fire and created a wizard, filled a bathtub with milky water so I could create a porcelain doll, and took some themes from my dreams to create a series dark and moody figure photography. Through all of this I had friends and models that were willing to trust me with crazy ideas and allowed me to put them in awkward, strange, and potentially dangerous situations.

White_02w DD_09w DD_01w

You Are Beautiful Series

Not everything I did was a success this year. I was inspired to do a series of photos with women sharing honest opinions of themselves. Some were models, some were every day women who are never in front of a camera. Portraits were honest and straight forward, however I unintentionally upset others who were doing the same or similar thing. They felt I was “copying” their work and became quite vocal about it. Even though I knew no two voices would ever sound exactly the same I decided to abandon the project rather than frustrate other creatives. This particular image was my favorite, I love her quite confidence despite the “flaws” she saw in herself.


Fantasy Portraits

I have an active imagination which thankfully makes it into my photographs. I really love creating fantasy themed images with minimal photoshop compositing. My flying woman was shot on location the only thing added to the photo was the birds and the flip of her skirt. To make her fly I stood her on a ladder at the top of a small rise which I removed later. The woman running through the fog took almost three years to create. I had to find the right model, the right costuming, and the perfect location to create this single image. Others images came together much faster such as the Tomb Raider theme which was thrown together in a little over two hours of texting and planning.

marysa_002w MandyGranger_082w

The Last Picture of 2013

I have had this image in my head for months then early in the morning the day before New Years Eve I finally got to produce it. I think it is a great way to put a period to 2013. This year I’ve developed a more definitive look to my work and shown that I can easily adapt that look to different genre’s of photography. I expect 2014 to be my best year yet, full of great images, fantastic opportunities, and wonderful new faces.