Halloween Series: Happily Never After Part IV

previewWelcome to the final part of the Halloween Series. I want to again say thank you to the models who sacrificed sleeping-in so we could take pictures at extremely early hours of the day. Thank you to our writer Becky for jumping on at the last minute with a great story to share with the pictures. A special thank you to all the fans and followers who have shared the post, posted comments, and followed along with us this week.

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day04eHappily Never After Part IV

By Beck McGraw

By the time Janine found the campsite, it was nearly dawn and fog hovered over the ground in ghostly fingers.  In the dim light of the half-moon, she saw the wagon, but not the gypsy woman the Sheriff had described to her.  Janine knew she was there though.  Sleeping like she hadn’t just murdered Janine’s entire family.  Janine could feel her evilness in the air around the campsite like it was a living thing.

With her heart feeling as dead as the embers in the smoldering fire outside the wagon, Janine snuck up to the back of the wagon.  A brightly colored drape covered the opening.  She put her foot on the back step, balanced, then pushed the curtain aside.

“I’ve been expecting you,” the woman said as she sat at the back, curling her fingers around the flame of a candle in front of her.  It sat on a small box with wax pooling around the bottom.  It was obvious to Janine she’d been sitting there doing that for quite a while.  Whatever that was.

day04bEying the cramped inside of the wagon, Janine realized swinging the axe would be impossible.  She had to get this woman outside to kill her.  “I’ve come to talk to you.  Come outside,” Janine invited slyly.

When Janine hopped down, the axe weighed heavily in her hand.  She didn’t want the woman to see it, so she hid it in the folds of her skirt.  To her surprise, the woman climbed out of the wagon after her, still holding the candle.  Her face didn’t give away a thing as she stood there looking at Janine.  Her expression was blank and emotionless.

“You killed my family,” Janine accused.

“I did,” the woman replied shortly.  Not an ounce of remorse could be detected in her voice.  That she admitted it so readily, without an iota of regret, enraged Janine.  With a growl, she jerked the axe up and swung it toward the woman’s head.  The woman didn’t look surprised. She looked almost happy as the axe arced toward her.

day04cRight before the sharp metal connected with the woman’s throat, Janine realized two things.  This woman wasn’t afraid to die.  And her own dress was on fire!

Janine dropped the axe to beat at the flames on her skirt, but knew it was useless.  She screamed as she ran toward the bridge she’d crossed to get to the wagon.  If she could just get to the water, she could put the fire out.  Flames licked higher on her body as she ran.  Janine felt like her skin was melting as she fell to her knees at the bank of the river, just short of the water.

day04aLooking across the river, she was confused when, through the flames that now consumed her, she saw Corinne standing on the other bank.  Beside her stood George holding her hand.  In her sister’s arms was a dark-haired baby.  She could see straight through them.  Janine closed her eyes to the haunting image, and a loud, mournful wail echoed through the woods as she took her last breath.


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