Halloween Series: Happily Never After Part III

previewContinuing our story with Part III of Happily Never After. Be sure and read Part I and Part II if you haven’t done so already….


Happily Never After Part III

By Becky McGraw

Janine woke up to loud knocking on her front door.  With a groan, she threw back the covers and her stomach seesawed.  She was sick, but not bad enough to miss her sister’s wedding.  She’d told Corinne that, but her sister insisted she stay home.  Staggering to the front door, she flung it open and the Sheriff stood there looking somber.

Her scalp tingled.  “What’s wrong?” she asked putting a hand to her pounding heart.

“The church burned down,” he said, his voice trembling.  “Nobody survived.  I’m sorry.”

Black dots danced in front of her eyes, her knees went weak, and Janine crumpled to the floor.  That sickness she’d been fighting shot up to her throat.  When she recovered, she looked up at him.  “What happened?” she asked breathlessly.

“Jeb Larson was late for the wedding.  He saw a woman who looked like a gypsy traveler going into the woods by the church. She was holding a candle.  I’ve asked around town and some other people have seen her before too—with George.  We’re looking for her.”

Janine shoved up to her feet.  “There won’t be anything left if I find her first,” she said as she stomped over to grab the axe from above the fireplace.




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