Halloween Series: Happy Never After Part II

previewContinuing the story today with Part II of  “Happy Never After.” If you missed the first part be sure to read Part I here.


Happy Never After Part II

By Becky McGraw

It was Corinne’s wedding day.  A day she’d waited for all her life.  She was marrying the man she’d waited her whole life for too.  Except for her sister, her entire family was at the church for the ceremony, and they were just as thrilled as she was.  They all loved George.

But something wasn’t right.  She could feel it sitting like a lead weight in her chest.  A dark feeling of impending doom.  A sickness in the pit of her stomach.  Corinne had been having this feeling for a week now.  She hoped she wasn’t getting the flu her sister, Janine, had come down with yesterday.  Corinne almost had to tie Janine to the bed to keep her home this morning.


George didn’t seem to feel it though.  Glancing up at him, she thought his smile said it all.  He wouldn’t have noticed if the old church burned down around them.  Corinne looked back at the preacher and wrinkled her nose, fighting a sneeze. Suddenly, acrid smoke burned her nostrils.  The church was on fire!

The guests in the church seemed to notice at the same time she did.  Screams echoed off the wooden walls of the small church as people crowded into the aisle, tripping over one another as they ran toward the only exit.  George jerked her arm and pulled her toward the exit too, but bright orange flames and a sea of people blocked their way.

They were going to die today.  All of them.  Even her precious baby.  Desperate, she looked at the tall stained-glass windows, but realized they were too high to use for escape.  Nobody would be escaping this church today.  It was too late.  Corinne was just thankful that her sister wasn’t there.  At least Janine would survive.  That was Corrine’s last thought as the thick black smoke overwhelmed her, and she sank to the floor still holding George’s hand.



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