Halloween Series: Happily Never After Part I


There is something about Halloween that brings the kid out in all of us. The chance to abandon rules and play dress up is a underlying guilty pleasure most of us share. Halloween also marks on the calendar the changing of weather towards the winter (which is my favorite part of the year). I have made it a habit to try and do something photographically every year around this time. In the past I focused on the changing weather and kids in costumes. This year I decided to create a series of photos that gave the feel of the Halloween session without being over the top ghouls, monsters, and witches. This year I wanted to suggest the supernatural without actually having the supernatural. I enlisted the aid of a handful of models and shot four sets of images to show the week of Halloween. Everything was done and ready but I wanted something more, so I reached out to author Becky McGraw out of Texas. I asked her if she would be willing to write a short story that would go along with pictures I had taken. Even though Becky is known for contemporary western romance, she took the challenge to write a little horror. By the end of the day she had sent me several drafts of the short story your about to read.

We divided the story into four parts which will be shared over the next four days coming to the climactical end on Halloween. Images from the four separate sessions are arranged to compliment that part of the story. I want to go ahead and say thank you to Tabitha, Courtney, Jessica, and Carrington for modeling for the sets which for most required very early pre sunrise setups, and a special thank you to Becky for coming on at the last minute and adding a wonderful story to share with everyone. So without further ramblings from me………


by Becky McGraw


Sophia watched from the woods.  Her beloved George was marrying that woman today.  The one who held his hand but not his heart.  That belonged to her, but it didn’t matter.  Last night by the campfire at her wagon, he told her he was going through with it.  He was marrying the woman who wore his ring because it was the right thing to do.  She was pregnant.

Sophia was about to do the right thing too.  For her.  The white woman would not have him.  And George would not have her.




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