Project Geek

Project GeekThis year I started working with Selina Maitreya, a consultant out of New York, to help me with my portfolio and marketing. She had suggested that I start a project, something long term that I could work on and show my work.  I took some time to consider what I wanted to do. I had thought about a series on the south, or people with body art. In the end I decided on a culture I knew and had enjoyed; geeks. Most people group geeks into one clump, while actually geeks can be made up of comic book nerds, video gamers, role players, LARP’ers, cosplayers, table top gamers, board gamers, and card gamers, just to name a few.

So starting at the end of October and into the foreseeable future I am going to be seeking out geeks. I’m not just looking for geeks in general but geeks with intriguing stories. I’m looking for the people with huge unique collections, the Trekkie who wears their uniform everyday. Cosplayers who create amazing costumes, the geek who hides their geek side in a closet. I want people that enjoy who they are and are willing to share that with the world.

Also I want to photograph people in the forefront of things geeks enjoy. If you know any of these people or people in these fields and how I can reach out to them I would appreciate the introduction:

  • Yaya Han
  • Felica Day
  • Stan Lee
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Comic Book Writers, Editors, or Artist
  • Sci-fiction/Horror Writers
  • Game creators/developers

The project I expect to take no less than six months probably closer to a year given the time it will take to reach all the people I want. If you think you can help me reduce this let me know please.