Action Hero Series: Spy Hero

Ever on the look out for the enemy our heroes pause for a brief moment of rest.

Ever on the look out for the enemy our heroes pause for a brief moment of rest.

This was without a doubt the hardest set to find a location for. When you think action spy flicks you think of beautiful women and fast cars. The woman was easy, I have known Heather for sometime and getting her to be in the shot was not a problem. The car however was another story. Our little corner of the world does not have a large selection of high end sports cars. I was really concerned I wouldn’t be able to find a car that had the look I wanted. That is until I found a rare car dealer on the outskirts of town. One of the great things about the south is people rarely say no if you ask politely enough. So when I asked the dealership owner if I could bring in a crew to shoot next to one of his cars, his answer was yes. By the time we got to this shoot however rain was about to fall so we shot in their garage against their prop background. I could have chosen any car in the dealership but I stayed with the one that was already parked there. Even though its not a “sports car” I liked the curves and the color. I knew the red would pop against the more subtle colors of the models clothes. Personally I’m not a car buff, I know where the oil goes and that is about it, but I do appreciate the beauty of a car. This particular one was just too cool not to use and having it in front of the red letters in the background just made it that much more appealing.

To light this I had to use three lights. The key light was an octabox to camera right. I had a flash on the floor aiming into the gas pump behind them to give some lift to the front of the station. The third light was hand held behind them on camera left this gave me my rim light which really made the models pop. In post I had to remove the garage celling and add a sky. I also added a sky “reflection” to the car’s fender and windshield. It was a small detail but one which would bug me if I didn’t do it. We also shot with another car in the background but it just didn’t thrill me as much so I stayed with the red car.

With Spy Hero we have gone through eight of the ten images. The series is coming to an end here soon and it will be time to move on to other things. But before we get to the end our hero has to put out some fires.