Action Hero Series: Adventure Hero

Our heroes explore the lost caves in search of treasure and adventure.

Our heroes explore the lost caves in search of treasure and adventure.

One of my favorite movie series is the Indiana Jones Series. So putting together a shoot with that theme was a must. This was in fact the first shoot planned long before we had decided to do a series. The first problem was I had to figure out how to create a cave like appearance without an actual cave. My solution was to use the ravine wall near the waterfall where I shot the Jungle Hero. The side of the ravine was covered in large roots and over hanging trees. This gave me a cave like appearance which I was able to capitalize on by cutting out the ambient light. With the day being overcast and the trees blocking I knew  I could turn the scene completely dark if I used a fast enough shutter speed. This meant I had to find the shutter speed that cut out the ambient light but still gave me the light from the torch.

With that in place I then determined what the power sitting on my flash would be. Since I wanted the scene to look like it had been lit by the torch I added a 1/4 CTO get (orange gel used to correct color cast) to my flash. This warmed up the flash so that it had a color similar to torch light.  After my first few test shots I realized that my subjects were getting lost in the dark background. In order to compensate I placed a second light behind them. In placing a background light I want the light to seem natural. For this light I thought that the only place that this light might come from is if was reflecting from the ground near the opening of the cave. So I placed the light near the ground at a very low power setting. This gave me just enough light to separate them from the background. During the composing of the image we tried several different angles for the torch from low to high. Each time I would have to adjust my main light to match so the light on their faces looked like it came from the same as the direction the torch.  With everything finally in place we got our shot and moved on to the next image in the series.

The Adventure Hero marks the sixth in the series of action heroes. This series is inspired by the Captain Action toy line released during the mid to late sixties. This toy line came with various costumes that allowed players to make Captain Action any type of hero they wanted. When planning this set I wanted to create that feel by having my model in multiple sets that represented various genres of action heroes. We had to shoot this in one day so we started at around 6 am with the first set. In order for me to shoot all ten sets in the time allowed I had to create each image in a half hour or less. This included setting up and testing lights, posing, and then getting the final image.  Overall it was a fun but challenging day to complete the series.

Tomorrow the seventh image releases as our action hero travels to a galaxy far, far, away.