Action Hero Series: Hero Cops

Our her and his partner pause to see if all's clear before busting down the door.

Our hero and his partner pause to see if all’s clear before busting down the door.

There is no way you can do anything about action heroes without doing something with the hero cop. From Dirty Harry to the Lethal Weapon series cops and action movies go hand in hand. So as I was planning what to included in the series I knew I would want to include the hero cop as one of the sets.

If you have been following this series you know it was inspired by an action figure called Captain Action from the mid to late sixties through the early seventies. Captain Action had all types of costumes you could buy to make him the hero you wanted. So it made sense to me that Captain Action would be some type of police detective. Probably one of those that never get’s a warrant, shoots fifty or more bad guys, and grabs a beer and pretzels on his way home for the day.

We shot this in the country well away from local police patrols. Even though the guns are only props, I had no desire to explain to real police why my models were holding guns. The wall is a prop background designed to look like a part of the a urban landscape. Going to have to get me one of these one day. Anyway by this time of the day we were racing against a heavy thunderstorm. We were rained on slightly but not so much we couldn’t shoot. In fact the cloud cover made setting up the lighting much easier. I wanted to control the light and keep it from spilling onto the wall so for a key I used a octabox with a grid while a bare speed light provided rim lighting.

This image also features our contest winner, Dani, as the female partner. Steffen, has a massive fan following not only for his modeling but his music as well. He and I talked about having a contest where we would bring in one of his fans to participate in a shoot with him. We had entries from all across the US and one or two in Canada. Then a little over a week before the shoot we drew names and called our winner. We thought it would be a lot of fun for someone that enjoys his music to get to meet him as well as do something they normally don’t get to do. My original plan was for Dani to be in a different set but we had to make modifications to that set which changed the whole dynamic of it. In the end it work out as one of the models cancelled allowing me to shift around people and place Dani in this scene. I knew Dani had not modeled before so I wanted a scene that would be easy in terms of poses and wardrobe.

I want to thank Dani for coming to do the shoot. She lives far enough way she had to fly in so I am very grateful for her doing so. Well I’m off to an early morning shoot but be sure to check back tomorrow as we head to the plains of Africa to hunt for something special.