Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Action Hero Series: Adventure Hero


One of my favorite movie series is the Indiana Jones Series. So putting together a shoot with that theme was a must. This was in fact the first shoot planned long before we… Continue reading

Action Hero Series: The Soldier


In planning for this series I knew I would want to include a soldier themed shoot in the series. Soldiers are a mainstay of action stories from books, to movies, to toys there… Continue reading

Action Hero Series: Safari Hunter


When it came time to shoot the safari hunter I knew this was an image that would require the most work in post production. Since we were not traveling to Africa for this… Continue reading

Action Hero Series: Hero Cops


There is no way you can do anything about action heroes without doing something with the hero cop. From Dirty Harry to the Lethal Weapon series cops and action movies go hand in… Continue reading

Action Hero Series: The Superhero


I have been a Batman fan my whole life. The first comic I ever owned was a Batman comic (still remember the cover). In fact I was a Batman fan before being a… Continue reading

Action Hero Series: Jungle Hero


On Saturday September 21st. I took a crew of people on a all day photo shoot. We shot ten different scenes with singer and model Steffen Hughes. The ten sets we shot was… Continue reading

Nothing To Say….


I really don’t have anything to say but I do have some new work to show…. Shooting more of the Dark Dreams theme (You can read more about that here) Then last week… Continue reading

My Mentor’s Guest Blog


Every person who has ever reached for anything bigger than themselves has had a mentor. Someone that they have looked to for inspiration, education, and wisdom. For me that has been Joe McNally.… Continue reading

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