New Websites, New Doors, & A Harder Push


It is only Wednesday of this week and already I have a lot going on. I love with things happen fast, I have never been known for my overly patient personality so I am always tapping my fingers if I have to wait for anything. This week however hasn’t been like that at all. Starting on last Saturday (which is technically last week, but work with me). I started a new venture to help people called Love One Portrait . This is a endeavor on my part to give back to people. The basic idea is to offer free portraits to those that have been diagnosed with a terminally ill disease for them and their families. Our goal is that no family member will ever say “I wish we had taken a picture.” It is a daunting task to set this up. Since I don’t like to think small I decided to go for the gusto and set up a network of photographers willing to give their time and talent all across the nation. Getting word out is tough, but with help from people like Scott Kelby and other voices word is slowly slipping out to the photographic community. If you want to help with this, tweet, Facebook, blog about it. We need photographers all across the nation and even around the world that are willing to give a little time and talent.

In addition to that I am working on putting together another site to feature some of my odder art. I read and watch a lot of science fiction and suspense/horror films. I have an over active imagination. Love comic book heroes. Have been known to play sci-fi games from table top RPGs, to console, to the computer. You don’t put all that visual input into a brain without something strange coming back out. So when these images get in my head I need a way to release them and talk about them a little. While I can use sites like Flickr and 500px they are somewhat limited in telling why I had to create the image. Like the one above with the lovely Jamie laying in a pool of milky white water. It came up inside my head and I needed to get it out. If you don’t ever create anything you won’t understand that but I’ve talked to painters, musicians, writers, and they all say the same thing. If it’s in their head they have to get it out so it will leave them alone. Otherwise its like that pesky red headed kid down the street. So I am assembling images to place on a different site than my portfolio. At this point I’m not sure what type of portfolio I want for it, but once I decide it will be called Vision Studios. This was what I thought about calling my business until I finally decided to use my name, now I’m happy to get to use it. Vision will have all the things that don’t fit my normal portfolio as a showcase of “look what was in my head.” I will probably blog about it here and just link to the site, but we’ll see once I work out the kinks.

In addition to that I am working on two e-books. The first has about 12,000 words so far and is called Creative Faith. It is a book that focuses on the trails of pursuing a creative dream and the faith to overcome those trials. It is a book I’m living as I write it. My wife asked me how it was coming a few weeks back, I told her I’m still living out some of the chapters. I would like to reach at least 50,000 words but that is a lot of words for someone who doesn’t really write all the time. The second book is a follow up to my Light & Shadow workshops. It is a book for photographers to load on an tablet or phone and gives them ideas and suggestions on lighting. At this point I’m deciding what images would best fit and offer the most variety of shooting scenarios. When complete it will target photographers of a medium or higher skill level.

Then on Monday I got some exciting news. Over the previous weekend I had received a email about where I was located, my work, etc.. As it turns out Associated Press has a commercial division I knew nothing about. They had found me and asked if I would be interested in doing some freelance assignments for them. This was really cool as I not only love getting assignments so I can do things like eat, but I also enjoy going somewhere new and meeting new people. I like the challenges you face when going in and having to figure out how to make a good picture. So now with AP offering me work I will have even more opportunities to go and do just that.

As if that wasn’t enough I redesigned my website last week and I got a consultant helping me refine my portfolio so that I am putting my best foot forward. I am busy being busy, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Now it time to get back to work so till later, stay focused…