New Website..New Blog

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For the last several years I have been partnered with Zenfolio as my portfolio host site. This solution worked for me since I have no HTML skills and was not ready to invest thousands of dollars into a custom built site. Over the years though I watch as other sites began providing new and more innovative site designs but Zenfolio remained the same. They added a blog feature which was troublesome at best and more annoying than it was worth. I had looked at several other portfolio sites but either they had strict limits on storage space, limited designs, and/or fees that was higher than I felt their service provided. Not to say they are not valuable but for my particular needs they just didn’t warrant the cost based on what I wanted.

Another problem I encountered was that the base structure of the sites were as boring as Zenfolio and often times as difficult to modify and customize to my own design. One such site was SmugMug. Their templates were not attractive to me at all and not to mention the SmugMug branding on the site seemed arrogant (something I’m accused of enough on my own). Then a few weeks ago SmugMug came out with all new designs and programs for photographers. The great thing about these programs is they offer great services even starting at the basic level. I chose a level that served what I needed in terms of website. Since I don’t sell images directly from the site some of the commerce modes I did not need which gave me an excellent choice for my needs. Since I was an early subscriber to Zenfolio I have unlimited storage so I will maintain that account for storing back-ups of files and storage for clients to download.

For photographers I found the menu’s at the new SmuMug to be a little confusing and once lost an entire design that I couldn’t figure out how to get back the way it was. Their email help has been a little slow, I still have one question that hasn’t received a response. As of yet I haven’t been able to find any link to the live chat support they promise. There is also no blog, which is why I am posting to WordPress versus using my own domain. Hopefully this will be something they will add in the future. For now my blog will reside here along with a link to the old blog for my past post.

So be sure to check out the new site, tell me what you think. Now if it will please stop raining I have a shoot to prepare for….